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The Story Behind Home Concerts

“...Host a house concert and invite people into your home thus into your community…”

(Jeremy Siskind)

In 2012 I was teaching from my parents home—it was too small to host a studio

concert so I asked my students to host their own concert in their very own homes.

They were asked to set up the entire concert, inviting family and friends. Other ideas were decorations & afternoon tea. Every student then takes photos and shares them with me.

Soon after in 2015, I came across a wonderful article written by Jeremy Siskind who performs in peoples home, sharing his music with others. The Article inspired me to continue to make home-concerts apart of our yearly studio calendar. Here is his full article :

It is always a joy to hear about the creative ideas that each student has to prepare their concert. Over the years I have heard such wonderful stores such as: grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends who attend. Students who make their own invitations & programs. There has been theme colours, balloons, cakes, biscuits, and even special guests are invited to play. Many Students have chosen to host their home concert for a birthday celebration too. The creative ideas are endless! For the 7th year running, students are encouraged to host their own concerts during September and I love this time of year. Even I have had the joy of hosting my own home concert.

We could say that home-concerts originated in the days of Frederic Chopin

( 1810-1849) who preferred to perform in private homes for small gatherings of friends

I would say, by far, hosting a home concert in your own home and inviting people in is the best way to bring music into your home.

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