Student Diary

Words and wisdom from Samantha's students.

Music is life.jpg

Image drawn by student Tiffany, as a gift to Samantha (2021)

This year there are 3 Music Theory Exam Students.

Exams are held with St. Cecelia School Of Music 

This is what they say about Music Theory (2021)

BEN : Preliminary Grade

“Music theory is important because you can know so much more about music and what you are playing “

EVELYN: Preliminary Grade

“I want to do theory exams this year as I enjoy theory and history of music”

AMY : First Grade

Theory helps with to analyse music further and get a cleaner understanding of what creates music”

Acrostic Poem from Eliza

P: Practice
I : I like playing piano
A: Amazing
N: New Hobby
O: Orchestra

Acrostic Poem from  Macy

P:  Piano is pretty
I :  I play piano
A: Apples on the music tree
N: Nice music
O: On the piano there are 88 keys

A piano reflection from Evelyn : 

Tonight I did theory on bar-lines, I worked on intervals too
I played London Bridge and Special Waltz, My goal is to get to 100 on my chart, I am currently on 89, I also love my pretty pink ruler.