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Student Diary

Words and wisdom from Samantha's students.

Exams Term 1 2024

Congratulations to Chloe and Michaela for completing their Beginner Grade Theory exams at 100% each, and to Ben for completing his Grade 2 Theory exam at 100%.

Term 1 2024

student easter poster 2024.jpg

Easter wishes from a student

Term 3 2023 - What are students loving at PWS?

Music and mindfulness book


Fun happy rewards


Fun mozart story for bookweek


Fun finger chain warm ups and our little mascot Lilly Ladybird

Benefits of learning music

  • Develops reading skills

  • Develops listening skills

  • Great for maths

  • Good for social skills

  • Helps to develop fine motor skills

  • It is fun!

  • Develops the habit of practice and study skills

  • It is great for developing memory

  • Builds healthy student-teacher relationships

Colouring Competition

Below is a collection of entries for the 2022 Colouring competition. The theme is celebrating Beethoven

Music is life.jpg

Image drawn by student Tiffany, as a gift to Samantha (2021)

This year there are 3 Music Theory Exam Students.

Exams are held with St. Cecelia School Of Music 

This is what they say about Music Theory (2021)

BEN : Preliminary Grade

“Music theory is important because you can know so much more about music and what you are playing “

EVELYN: Preliminary Grade

“I want to do theory exams this year as I enjoy theory and history of music”

AMY : First Grade

Theory helps with to analyse music further and get a cleaner understanding of what creates music”

Acrostic Poem from Eliza

P: Practice
I : I like playing piano
A: Amazing
N: New Hobby
O: Orchestra

Acrostic Poem from  Macy

P:  Piano is pretty
I :  I play piano
A: Apples on the music tree
N: Nice music
O: On the piano there are 88 keys

A piano reflection from Evelyn : 

Tonight I did theory on bar-lines, I worked on intervals too
I played London Bridge and Special Waltz, My goal is to get to 100 on my chart, I am currently on 89, I also love my pretty pink ruler. 

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