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The 3 Keys to Piano Success


Exploring my 3 keys to success will help young students engage in their piano lessons, achieve more an enhance their musical enjoyment.

* Purpose – Defining our purpose about why we want to learn piano can help students reach goals, build self-esteem, confidence and promote a growth mindset. It is important to remind ourselves of our purpose and do this often. For example, it may be key words, such as

‘To have fun’

‘To play Beethoven’s songs’

‘To play in the school band or do an exam'

When we are mindful of our purpose it will help motivate us to practice.

* Practice – Piano practice takes on many different forms and schedules. You may find morning is better or after school, or the evening. Everyone is different. It is, however, important to find a practice schedule that works for you and your lifestyle.

Small short practice sessions are a good choice. Perhaps even keeping a practice tracker to see your progress, or having a weekly practice goal to work towards is very helpful in reaching goals.

Be mindful of your practice and treat music with care and watch it grow and you will see your progress shine.

* Progress - Practice makes perfect and practice makes Progress. Seeing and hearing progress helps you to keep going and to stay on task or stick to your goal. Progress can motivate us and will help increase our sense of achievement.

This promotes good healthy self-esteem, happiness and confidence.

When we see and hear progress we will want to practice more often and make it a habit. We may start to share our music with friends and family, through performance.

Follow the 3 Ps to success and achieve your music goals.

* Purpose

* Practice

* Progress

thanks for reading.


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