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Music and Mindfulness

How to listen to music mindfully – A step by step guide

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means

"paying attention in a particular way

on purpose in the present moment,

non-judgmentally. ( Kabat-Zinn. ) "

When we listen to music we can follow 3 aspects to help us deepen our listening experience and appreciate our music more fully.

Firstly – we need to consider these 2 principles:

1. A Beginners Mind

Be open to new experiences and explore, let go of any judgement or expectation.

Be curious. Be intrigued. When you listen with a beginners mind you are in the moment.

2. The Monkey Mind

Acknowledge the monkey mind – it is when our mind wonders and jumps from thought to thought and feels restless. Gently bring your mind back to the music and present moment.

Here are the Benefits of music and mindfulness

Mindfulness can

* Reverse fight and flight response

* Train your brain to stay in the present

* Improve regulation of emotions


Change at a cellular level can occur with sound. Healing with sound dates back to Ancient Greece

Alpha is our resting state.

We can change our brainwaves by focusing on the music we are listening to

Exploring the Music :

* Dynamics and feelings

Music consists of a variety of sounds, this is called dynamics. It can be helpful to try and name what you hear – this will aim to help you remain mindful. Some describing words can be: fast, slow, loud, soft, sweet, quiet, smooth, bright, dull, detached.

Have a go at putting a name to what you hear and in addition, think about how those dynamics make you feel..

Discover the positive qualities the music makes you feel and the mood you experience while listening

* Being Creative : Colour is a Language

As you listen, explore what you see in your mind’s eye such as colours, shapes and images.

Colour - Colour is a language and different colours can mean different things.

Yellow can mean sunshine

Green could mean growth

Blue could mean calm

Take time to discover any colours that come to mind and that you associate with while listening


* Shapes and Images

Explore what comes to mind as you listen – perhaps begin with a simple shapes

or more complex shapes and images. Try drawing on your ipad or notebook as you listen.

Drawing slows is down.


Pair the music you listen to with a daily activity

You could explore what time of day you would like to listen to music:

while driving, studying, while doing house work or for relaxation and downtime

Following these steps can deepen your music appreciation, and your overall relaxation

These aspects and more are all covered in my digital workbook, available soon


“Who looks outside


who looks

inside awakens.”


Thanks for reading : Piano with Samantha

My Music and Mindfulness digital workbook is for sale soon

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