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Student Blog by Ben Jones

Hi, I’m Benjamin Jones and I have been going to piano lessons with Samantha

for seven years now. These years have been extremely fun and educational.

One thing that I have found crucial to my learning is keeping track of my

practice at home, especially since I will have two practical exams this year. I

have a calendar that sits on my piano stool at home, and every single time I

practice, I write what I did on whatever day it is. For example, if I practise my

lesson book and my exams songs on the 27th of March, I will go to my calendar

find the 27th of March and write, lesson book and exam run through. Being able

to see every time that I have practiced really shows me if I’m practicing

enough, and it encourages me to practice more so I can try to fill up the

calendar as much as possible.

There are many ways to keep track of how much you have practiced, and not

just piano, anything. You could have a tally sheet so every time you practice

you add to the sheet. You could have a ‘5 practices in one week challenge’ and

tick of the days as you go. After playing and learning piano for the past seven

years I have learnt that the key to success is being consistent. Paul Merson

once said “If you want to be successful, you need consistency and if you don’t

have it, you’ve got no chance”. This means not just playing two days a week, it

means to try to set at least four or five days where you know that you’re not

busy and you are free to practice.

When I struggle with a song when I’m practicing at home, I take a break and

work on another song that I know better to clear my mind and relax me, then I

go back to the tricky song. So I encourage you to try your best and track your


written by Ben

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