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Hooked On Classics Festival Theatre

Saturday 3 October was my first live music show since January due to the COVID 19 closures - It was a brave sign of getting back to normal. I Was at the Festival Theatre for the show

" Hooked On Classics ". This show had a repertoire we all can relate to; music we all know and love and was simply ‘classic’ classics.

As a teacher I have taught many of these pieces of music, some students playing them for piano exams. I feel a sense of duty to pass on this music, to ensure my students are familiar with the richness of what this music can offer.

As an audience member it felt like the music was for us! The people! For the people who waited out the COVID 19 closure, for us, who can all relate to the music, who have memories attached and those feel good emotions.

It was easy listening and a joy to watch the 26-piece orchestra and rock band conducted so well by George Ellis. Having rock meet classics was truly magic and it was as if the music took us on a journey. I am glad I went to the show because it was my reminder and assurance in how important the classics are in both my personal life and professional life

My favourites from the show were :

·Sugar plum fairy

·Pink panther

·Ode to joy

·Do Re Me

In The Hall of the Mountain King

and all the Mozart Classics

This was a truly magical show, that has renewed my inspiration to pass on the classics – and share the richness music has to offer . As I celebrate 25 years of teaching I know this more now than ever. !!


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