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The Piano Garden

Every September the students celebrate Piano Month. This has been a long standing tradition for the past 8 years in my studio.

We celebrate by:

* writing poems,

* colouring competitions,

* jelly bean competition and

* arranging home piano concerts.

In 2020 I introduced…The Piano Garden!

* The garden has student wisdom ,

The garden appears in the studio in August during our cold, grey winter days; the tree is bare and all alone. During Term 3, I encourage students to think about a certain aspect of their learning and I ask them a question.

* This year I have asked: “Why do you enjoy piano lessons?”

Upon a green leaf we write our answers and slowly over the weeks in September we watch the piano garden grow. I place each leaf on the tree so we can all read each other’s answers and learn from each other.

* The Piano garden has friends

Apart from student quotes, musical friends appear in the piano garden,

we have:

Blinker Owl,

Daisy Lady Bug

F Frog and D Dog

Buzzy Bee.

Here are some student quotes and how they answered my question :

Question : I enjoy learning the Piano because ..............:

* It is another fun and enjoyable hobby to learn

* Piano is interesting and gets you ahead in life

* Piano is fun and I get to learn new things

* Improves my ability to learn things

* Piano is fun and it is a challenge

* I have opportunity to learn something new every week

* Piano has an interesting history and pretty piano songs

Each week students are excited to see how the piano garden is growing with

wisdom and knowledge, I hope you enjoyed reading all about our piano garden


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