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Take The Challenge

Today I have just printed out 6 certificates for students who have completed the 40 piece challenge!

40 is the goal,

A piece is a song

The challenge is the motivator!

These 6 students have achieved a milestone in counting each and every piece of music they complete, assigned to them during lesson time. Starting at 1 students build up to 20, the first milestone! 40 is then the goal and completion of the challenge.

There is no time frame, we just count and go at the pace of the student. The rules are simple too! As long as the piece has been practiced, it’s well played and complete, it goes up on the chart with stickers!

Once at 40, students have a choice to start again at 0 or to keep counting – most students love the idea to keep counting, setting a new goal of 80.

Penny says:

“I feel happy that I have made it to 40. I want to keep counting for all my life learning piano.

Students are very excited to keep counting to get to the next milestone of 60…

Ben says:

“I like to build up and see my progress over 2 years. It challenges me to practice and get more points.”

The next milestone is 80..........

Another Student says:

“I’m really really happy to get to 80, and I hope to reach 100. It would be so nice to get the 100 certificate!”

Overall it is about personal achievement and setting goals.

This helps students stay engaged in their learning and reach their full potential, which adds up to positive self-esteem and happy children.

That’s worth counting for!


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