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At the end of Term 2, I said farewell to all my students for the school holidays - as they leave I give them all a project sheet! It lists fun, and musical tasks that are easy to accomplish to engage their creativity and skills, then surprise me when they return in term 3!

In the past I’ve received some very inspiring and wonderful projects. Lots of thought and effort goes into the project and it’s wonderful to be surprised after the holidays!

Here are some of the ideas……

Host a home concert.......

Write some acrostic poems........

Research a famous composer........

Compose your own song........

Make up a piano game........

Send me a postcard if you go on holiday.........

Make some origami. Try an origami piano........

Write a story about your holidays........

Ashlee has made a poster, it was wonderful! The poster was full of facts and details about Beethoven, the famous composer. I recently used the poster to teach music history in term 2. Every student loved the poster!

Evelyn made me a cute gift! She put her sewing skills to use and made me a small purse and a small material case for my glasses! So nice and practical.

Ben surprised me with a postcard in the mail, all the way from Port Pirie while on a family camping trip.

Plus i have received the best origami pianos and the best rock art !!

Students can surprise me with anything! Mostly it’s great to welcome them back, and to see and hear all about their wonderful projects. I also attempt to surprise students when they return with a new book or a sheet of music!


Bringing Music In The Home Of Every Student

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“Bringing music into the home of every student” 

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