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Student Blogs

Here are a two stories about how students went about planning and hosting their own home piano concerts during September ..... vert well done and great stories

Home Concert : By Evelyn

On Friday week 10, Sam and I had a home piano concert, It was very fun, the theme was Tea Party . We invited Sam’s family and my family, we prepared a lot of stuff for the concert

We had 11 songs and we had a sing a long too. It wasn’t like any concert we have hosted because we had to social distance. The studio Pet, Giraffe was the Covid Marshall , At the end Sam said that there was a special announcement, and that I have moved onto a new Level and now on Level E. I was happy to have moved into Level E

By Ben Jones

I had my piano concert on Saturday the 5th of September. I started planning for this at the beginning of August. The first thing I did was to write the invitation list. I invited 6 people. Then I created my invitation in publisher on my computer. From here I emailed everyone on my list.

Next I wrote out a list of 10 songs I wanted to perform on the day. I then practiced these songs every day. During my concert I wanted to perform 5 songs, then have some morning tea, then perform the other 5 songs. So then I made a list of the food I would like to serve.

For some fun I wanted to have a huge jar full of chocolates. Everyone at the concert will be able to guess the number of chocolates in the jar and whoever is closest wins the jar! My mum and I went shopping and bought the jar and chocolates.

The last thing I had to do was print out my list of songs so I could hand these out on the day.

My concert went really well and everyone had a good time. My sister won the chocolate jar! I was nervous but loved performing for my family.


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