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My Seven Keys To Success

I like to be able to follow a procedure, a set of steps, or I love to find helpful tips to achieve my desired outcome. I like things mapped out for me in dot points, or short sub-headings - that is how i learn best.

So i have come up with my own steps for students and families to follow to help us all to continue to be wonderful piano families

Here are my 7 Keys To Success –

* Always believe in yourself and have a good attitude

* Bring music into your home to share with family and friends

* Come together as a community for group learning and performance

* Devote time to piano practice, create weekly goals and enjoy your progress

* Every new skill, new song and next level is an opportunity to achieve.

* Fun with games, theory, aural and general knowledge to learn new aspects of music

* Grow into a beautiful piano student by following these steps and discover your full potential

Each one starts with a music letter of the music alphabet - Easy !!

At the end of every term we review these keys and I ask students what key they achieved and what key they need to work towards.

My favourite key is ""A"

Always believe in yourself and have a good attitude


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