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World Piano Day 29th March

Going about my daily routines and errands I had no idea or I had forgotten that March 29th

is WORLD PIANO DAY : the 88th day of the year - because there are 88 keys on the piano..

So I changed my morning routine, and decided to head out to my favorite café, took the day off from my office, and celebrated over a lovely cuppa tea, cake all on a beautiful autumn morning

This term I have asked students to share 5 good reasons to learn piano

So I thought I would take this opportunity for us to hear from the students.......

* Create music * It's fun * Brings music into my home * I like the piano games * Because my sister plays too * To challenge myself * Good hobby

SO each year now, I will celebrate World Piano Day and put this in the calendar

" Your fingers hit the keys, your heart plays the music "

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