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Music Theory Exams

Mostly I enjoyed the exam and learning the content because it expanded my knowledge.” (Kayla 2019)

This is what Kayla said after her exam. Music theory does just that! It expands our knowledge, we learn, we grow and we achieve along the journey of musicianship

In November 2019, I hosted a successful Music Theory Exam day in my studio.

2 Students, Ben and Kayla, had enrolled for the exam. Ben studied Beginner Grade while Kayla studied 3rd Grade. Both Students had studied and completed their graded books following the syllabus of the Saint Cecilia School of Music / which provide a valuable music experience for all.

During lesson time we covered a range of topics: Rhythm, Notation, Scales, Chords, General Knowledge, Orchestral Instruments and Composers.

The exam day was a beautiful, sunny day in November and all went to plan. The written exams were completed within 2 hours in a professional setting with a supervisor present.

2 weeks later the results were in, Ben was awarded 100% and Kayla 97%.

The journey to the exam day can be rewarding and motivating. Exams help us to achieve our musical goals – they are the stepping stones towards our achievements and that is why Ben told me this:

“Doing the exam was a great experience because now I want to do the next one!”

And he is, in November 2020 along with 2 New students, who are currently studying and working towards their goals and achievements. Good Luck to all. PWS.

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