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Music ; Friend that it is

Call me old school… but I love CD’s - I have quite a large CD library that I enjoy daily

Music; Friend that it is, helped me through Covid in 2020. When concert halls closed, and with more time at home I began to seek new music so much that I created a CD challenge for myself in 2021.

This meant I would buy one new CD a month of music I didn’t already own. This challenge stretched my musical mind as I got to explore my appreciation of music further, feeling excited about what new music I would find and allowing new inspiration to come to me.

As the months went by I had a budget, a wish list and family to share my new music. I had a growing list of new and wonderful music for my library. I also kept our local CD store in business as i often bought from the store and not online.. how I love a CD shop !!!

I owe my music appreciation to my mum and dad. I grew up with music, having piano lessons at the age of 10 and then going on to play in church bands and school bands- dad also played in bands- so a music has filled my life.

So! Here is a list of my 12 new CD’s that kept me company during 2021.

January - The Best of Andrea Bocelli

February - Ludovico Einaudi – Islands piano solos

March - The Beatles Number 1 Hits

April - Piano Concertos Beethoven

May - Brandenburg Concertos Bach

June - The Seekers

July - The Everly Brothers

August- Sounds of 2021 - Praise & Worship

September - Goldenberg Variations - Bach

October - Water Music Suite - Handel

November - Diana Ross &The Supremes

December - My Christmas – Andrea Bocelli

I’m tempted to start the challenge all over again in 2022.


Quote – ( unknown )

Music. Friend that it is -

cocoons us from our worries

enabling that hidden self to emerge.

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