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Growth and Potential

2 years ago, I wrote the 7 keys to success. :

One key was about “Grow to your full potential as a piano student’

This year I created a Growth and Potential award. I hand out this award twice a year in June and December.

During Term 3, I have been asking students:

“What’s important for growth?” “How do we grow as a piano student?” and “What kind of things do we need to progress?” I created a Tree, and we wrote our answers on leaves and we stuck them to our music tree., Some students said the following…

…practice often and repeat your songs.

…practice Everyday after school

….Spend time away from everything & allow myself to focus on piano”

…..persist through your music & have confidence

…..Be confident, Open minded and Never Give Up

…..I am learning and growing because

I like piano

…..Practice every day. It is helpful for future songs

……Have a growth mindset

What wonderful ways we can grow as piano students.


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