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Achievements and Anniversaries

"Achievements are stepping stones to success !! "

I love to celebrate! Especially anniversaries and achievements in the piano studio and among students. Celebrating anniversaries helps us to acknowledge our successful moments – and these moments are stepping stones to happy self-esteem!

On February 21st I celebrated my first year of owning a website for my teaching business. After 25 years of teaching without a website, I am now glad I completed this project – especially as the internet is a gateway to information and communication

It felt like hard work – putting the website together, however, once I began planning, writing, visualizing the webpage and seeking the right people to help, it all fell into place.

I’m now pleased to say my website is a successful addition and much needed asset to my business. I can look back and feel proud of the outcome – the hard work and planning paid off!

To celebrate, I had a ‘Website Birthday Party’ with family and friends, all with the help of a student and her family we turned it into a ‘fringe show’.

I love student involvement and encourage this often – and here is Evelyn’s reflection on the celebration –

By Evelyn : “Tonight we had a Piano/Fringe Concert. It was a lot of fun . It took a lot to prepare. We had

to prepare the songs, the audience, the programs, the banners, the food, the party hats, and the piano family bears. I played Cool Sounds on the piano, which sounded like Rainbows, Waterfalls and Sunrise. Grandpa played the guitar and Samantha played the music from Mary Poppins.

Then we had an open Mic, and others got up to sing as well. I made the program, and everyone brought a platter of food. This is a photo of Me with my sister and Samantha with the Piano Family Bears. thanks for reading

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