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A long Awaited Goal

Never Give Up!

In 2020, November, I completed my Grade 5 music theory exam – which is a written music

exam with the St. Cecelia School Of Music Company.

This was a long awaited goal because almost 20 years ago- I sat for the grade 5 music exam while at TAFE and I got 50%... this was not enough for a pass, therefore I failed

At that time I didn’t study or prepare very well, it felt all too hard. So, I wanted to redeem this fail with a pass – but didn’t know when!

As life went on, I got caught up in my life circumstances, challenges and hardships- study was not on my ‘to-do list’, instead I was working on rebuilding my life and business - by 2020 I knew it was time…

I bought my Grade 5 workbook, got my practice papers, set my study times, set my goal and paid for my November Exam… all while Covid-19 was going on around us. I kept studying and I enjoyed the topics too! Harmony, Orchestra, Song Writing - and with so much more time at home, thanks to Covid, I found plenty of study time.

Along with my own study I was teaching 3 beginner students to also go for their Music Theory Exams, so it felt like a journey together.

Exam day came and I was ready and so were my beginner grade students: a whole year’s worth of study was all worth it to arrive at exam day, ready!

What followed was the most amazing result I have ever achieved in my personal life and professional life… We all got 100%! It was a ‘Full House’! So after 20 years, I settled the score with a higher distinction as did all my students !!.

.I’m currently planning to complete Grade 6 Music Exam In November

A truly Wonderful way to end 2020

Onwards and Upwards!

Never Give UP !!

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