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5 Ways To Bring Music Into Your Home

My vision is to “bring music in the home of every student…” and this is the story behind my vision and 5 ways to achieve this

One day, a parent phoned me to say that her daughter was no longer going to learn piano due to her year 12 studies and as we spoke she said…

thank you for bringing music into our home…...”

This was a wonderful thing to hear and an important reminder of the value of music in our homes and how it can bring us together

Here are my 5 ways to bring music into your home-

LISTEN. Listen to your child’s practice at home; be interested and engage with their practice and progress. Attend the lesson on a regular basis and get involved in the learning process

INVITE. Host a home concert. Invite family and friends and neighbours. Turn it into a talent show, make invitations, create a program, bake a cake, take photos, hang decorations and


SHARE. Share your music and your latest piano piece with visitors, grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles —all who love to hear you play and hear your progress . They are your biggest fans

DOWNLOAD: Download music from your favourite composer, pop artist or movie soundtrack. Create a play-list, which leads to number 5…..

PLAY: Play your music in the car, on the way to school, on weekend trips, host a family games night with a music theme or host a music quiz night, best of all celebrate with music in your home.

Piano With Samantha

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